Monday, December 6, 2010

Chocolate Chip Shortbread

choco chip shortbread

Apart from leftover egg whites, I had leftover nastar dough as well. Not because of inaccurate ratio of filling and dough, but because I am sort of perfectionist. I tried several different nastar recipe (duh!), and again, found it difficult to settle to one. Actually, there is still one recipe on the list that I haven't tried yet... probably later when someone asks me to bake nastar.

choco chip shortbread choco chip shortbread

By nature nastar dough is a bit bland (though buttery), as not to overpower the sweet pineapple filling. I knew that the dough would not be sweet enough eaten on its own, but I was afraid of overworking it if I put more sugar into the dough. I decided to only mix in a handful (chopped) chocolate chips.

choco chip shortbread

Please click here for cookies recipe (don't forget to add more sugar... and as much chocolate as you wish!)

choco chip shortbread


Chunky Knubby Navel said...

Those are adorable! They're definitely going on my "to attempt" list =)


marla {Family Fresh Cooking} said...
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Celle qui Veille said...
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Celle qui Veille said...

Hello! I was wondering where is your tempting recipe on the page? I cant find it.. Thanks!

J said...

#celle qui veille: sorry, I forgot to put link on the 'click here for recipe'! It's the same dough used for another cookies, that's why I didn't rewrite it here :)

The link to the recipe is:

Please do add more icing sugar to the dough.. for the reason that I explained in the post :)

#whitney, marla: thanks :)

The Urban Baker said...

could these be any cuter? i love the creativity in your photos!