Saturday, February 27, 2010



An Indonesian dessert. Made of rice flour, sugar, and coconut cream. A classic favourite.


I can't believe I'm back in Melbourne already... sigh. Been busy since I arrived, because I had to reorganize the apartment as my flatmate is going to go back for good. Gosh, I want to bake.. no. I need to. It's just that my mind is occupied with many different things that I can't even think of what to bake.

So this is what I've got at the moment. Carabikang. Enjoy.



KennyT said...

The texture looks divine!! Must be very yummy.

BabyBeluga said...

Kue fave waktu kecil di Bandung tuh, suka beli yg rasa pandan di depan toko roti Sidodadi

J said...

#kenny: true!

#babybeluga: iya, biasanya kalo jual carabikang sama pukis.. dan selalu end up beli dua2nya hahaha