Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Happy Call" Experiments

happy call cake

Long time no see, people. Sorry. I got dengue fever since Christmas eve and just recovered last week. Been cooking and baking few things since then, but I haven't got my mood back to take good photos until recently, because at home no one cares about how foods appear. My parents care most about how foods taste, no matter how they look. Kinda discouraging sometimes.

happy call cake

Recently my mom and I had been experimenting with "Happy Call" pan. "Happy Call" is a double-sided nonstick pan. The recipe booklet that comes with the pan says that it can be used to bake cakes in less than 20 minutes. Sounds interesting, huh?

happy call cake

We decided to bake a basic yellow cake for 15 minutes on one side. It didn't rise as evenly as cakes baked in regular oven, but it tastes good though. Another downside is, the top doesn't brown at all.

happy call cake

The next day we tried to bake bika ambon using the same pan. Not bad, huh?

happy call bika ambon

We'll try some other recipes soon.


KennyT said...

I want bika ambon!

wendyywy said...

Hmmm..... if ur parents will prefer looks over taste.. then really there's no challenge.

No matter how good the food looks like (like in hotels), but once u put in ur mouth, they suck, I don't think u'd take another bite.
But if the food taste good, u'd get them all gorged down into the tummy in no time. Plus after food compliments that can come days and days non stop, sometimes even for years.

Guess, I'm the same with ur parents, taste 1st, looks 2nd.

Tuty said...

Bika Ambon looks nice... Did you use fresh coconut water?

J said...

#tuty: no, I used mineral water.

Tuty said...

Thanks, J. Is the mineral water flavorless? I am not familiar with it at all.

J said...

#Tuty: hmm, the problem is, I have never tried making bika ambon using coconut water :) thus, I cannot compare the results. But there is no weird flavor at all in the bika ambon.

memelmelly said...

Hi, do you know where we can get a copy of the recipe book that came with the happy call pan? I just ordered a pan, and I doubt it comes with a recipe book. Great if you can help...please email me at

JoyvsDev said...

Hi J, your bika amBon looks really good.!
Can I have the recipe for it using happycall pan..? I
Can't seem to find it... Thanks!

J said...

#memelmelly, #joyvsdev: I only have the hardcopy at home (in Indonesia) :(

Vic said...

bisa minta resepnya? aku nyari di google ga nemu resep bika ambon dengan happy call. thx

J said...

@Vic: try these :)