Monday, September 28, 2009

Es Cendol

Es Cendol

This is an entry for Masak Bareng (literally "Cooking Together"), an Indonesian bloggers' event. This month's theme is "Minuman Berbuka Puasa" ("Drinks for Fast-Breaking"), in relation to the Islamic month of Ramadan, where our moslem friends do fasting.

Masak Bareng

Fast-breaking is always started with a sweet drink, and the most common drink is sweetened tea. Some people prefer to just drink water and eat small amount of dates, which is quite high in sugar. However recently people get more creative and they begin to include various sweet drinks for fast-breaking. Not sure whether it is good for our health, though - I once read that dates are still the best option because they are sweet yet light enough that they won't shock the stomach after being empty for such a long time (13-14 hours approximately).

Okay, I didn't do any fasting, but still.. You know, I love just any reason to cook something sweet. Sweet drinks? Hmm. I rarely do drinks here because I never seem to able to take good shots of them, but I'll try once more... Anyway, few friends have been asking about this drink recently, somewhat urging me to start experimenting. Cendol, here I come.

Masak Bareng

Es Cendol
for the cendol:
16 gr hunkwe (mung bean) flour
4 gr rice flour
1/2 tsp caster sugar
130 ml water
pandan paste or food coloring (optional)

1. Prepare a cendol sieve (I used a steamer like this, hence the huge size of the cendol). Put in on top of a bowl filled with ice water.
2. Mix dry ingredients in a small saucepan. Add water and pandan paste/food coloring (if using).
3. Cook over high heat, stirring to avoid any lumps.
4. When mixture starts to form lumps, reduce heat to low. Keep stirring until it comes to boil (it will be more transparent in color).
5. Remove from heat and pass through the cendol sieve. Press down using a large spoon so that the mixture pass through the holes into the ice water. Do not leave the cooked mixture on standing as it quickly sets even at room temperature. If necessary, add more ice cubes to keep the ice water cold.
6. Drain the cendol and keep refrigerated up to 3-4 days.

for the palm sugar syrup:
100 gr palm sugar, shaved
50 gr water

1. Bring to boil over medium heat. Keep boiling until mixture thickens slightly. This will make more than needed, but you can keep it in fridge (I hate the shaving part so I always make it in a large batch and keep it for future use).

Masak Bareng

to assemble:
1. Spoon some cendol into a tall glass. Pour palm sugar syrup and salted coconut milk (please do add some salt, it really enhances the flavor). Don't forget to add some ice cubes or shaved ice. Enjoy!


The Little Teochew said...

You know, I was just craving this yesterday! I love it with shaved ice and attap chee. Beautiful presentation in those tall glases! Cheers!

J said...

attap chee? interesting! as long as I can remember, in Indonesia cendol is usually served with chopped jackfruit and grass jelly :)

tatabonita said...

Wah, akeh bakul es cendhol... aku juga mau sak gelas ae gaweane mbak Jenny :D

Belzy said...

oalahhhh....ternyata kamu juga pake steamer buat mold nya cendol. aku juga pake steamer nya rice cooker soale ga punya cetakan cendol....hahhaah....tiada akar batang pun jadi yah jen ;).

wendyywy said...

I used a ziplock bag to squirt the cendol out, just like a piping bag.
Maybe u can try this method to get prettier cendols.